Encoding video/audio straight from the command line

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020



Getting Started

brew install ffmpeg

Conversion between filetypes

Making GIFs

Useful Arguments

Examples of flag usage

Merging audio files

ls *.mp3 | sort | sed 's/^/file /g' > 'files.txt'
ffmpeg -f 'concat' -i 'files.txt' -c copy 'merged.mp3'

Convert .aax files to .m4a

Assuming you know the activation bytes of your file…

Extract cover art from a media file

Convert mkv to mp4

for file in ~/episodes/*.mkv; do
  ffmpeg -i ${file} ${file:0:(-4)}.mp4;

Concatenate Multiple .mp3 Files

# Create a string to specify which files to concatenate
typeset ifile="concat:one.mp3|two.mp3|three.mp3"

# Concatenate the files
ffmpeg -i ${ifile} -c:a copy -map_metadata 0:1 ofile.mp3

Taking a Photo using only a Command Line

  ffmpeg \
      -f 'avfoundation' \
      -video_size '1280x720' \
      -framerate 30 \
      -i 0 \
      -vframes 1 \

Convert an MP3 Audiobook to an M4B Audiobook

# For each audiobook in the folder
for audiobook in *.mp3; do
  ffmpeg -i ${audiobook} -c:a aac -c:v copy ${audiobook:r}.m4b;